Chinedum Ukejianya

Software Developer

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  • MD 21163 Baltimore
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  • Maryland
Work Experience

2017-09-18 till 2018-06-06

Software Developer (Full Stack) at SocialCode:

SocialCode enables smarter, more profitable brands. Our media and analytics capabilities empower marketers to understand, manage and reach their audiences across social, mobile and video platforms.

Worked with Django and python 2.7/3.5 on the backend to interact with the pinterest and snapchat social media ads api

Used Emberjs to create interfaces for data from various social media ads to be displayed within our internal team

Deployed and worked on multiple micro-services using technologies such as chef, jenkins, aws (RDS and EC2), sentry, and git

Managed and maintained several relational databases

2015-05-22 till 2015-08-22

Software Developer (Intern) at Trove News:

A news reader app that aims to build on the understanding of how people consume news, giving users stories picked by other people who share their interests.

Converted a bookmarklet into a google chrome extension

Helped to incorporate NPR podcasts in "troves" during a in house hack-a-thon

Worked primarily with Python, Pyramid (ORM), and Mako.


In-person hosted workshops, usually free, in which self-guided cli tuturials are used as curriculum and mentors help attendees work through the challenges.


2011-01-22 till 2017-08-21

University of Maryland, College Park

Bachelor: Physical Science [concentration in Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science]

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